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    In the 21st century, most of us are totally reliant on our cars. We use them to get to work, to escort the children, to visit the shops – even to go on holiday. Cars are arguably one of the most popular inventions ever and completely transformed the world that we live when they released. Ever since this date, we have always valued their effect on our lives and their popularity remains.

    Manufacturers are always looking at ways to improve cars, whether this be by making them more energy efficient, or by adding extra gadgets to beat the competition! There is no doubt that engines have improved, and the chance of us having a problem with them has reduced. A frightening amount of money is spent in the motor vehicle industry every day, and it is little wonder when we consider their huge impact on our day to day lives. However, due to our reliance on motor vehicles, when something goes wrong with them it can feel like the end of the world!

    photocolorgraphix.com are a set of car mechanics, who prioritise the consumer before anything else. If you break down, we feel your pain; we have all been there! As a result, we understand how your whole day can be affected by your broken-down vehicle.

    photocolorgraphix.com have a range of stores all across the UK – able to give you immediate assistance. The first thing that you are likely to think about after a breakdown, is how you are going to meet your immediate needs. Do your children need to get to school? Do you need to get into the office as soon as possible? Perhaps you are taking a friend or relative to the doctors and they cannot miss their appointment? Feel free to visit on get out of debt.

    Just because you have had a disastrous experience with your car, doesn’t mean your life should stop. The first that photocolorgraphix.com do when you contact us, is sort you out with a new vehicle as soon as possible. We have a stock of courtesy cars just waiting for you when you call. If you download our app, we are even able to locate where you have broken down, and send the cavalry out to fix your problem. So, even if you are unsure of where you have broken down, photocolorgraphix.com can find you and resolve your problems!

    Emergencies happen, and as a country, we are not often very good at coping in an emergency. When a particularly bad patch of weather hits, for example, the whole country comes to a standstill! photocolorgraphix.com try to minimise the impact of your car emergency, by giving you a temporary solution. Of course though, it would be easier for you if your car could be repaired by the place that you break down. So, when our team of experts arrive at your breakdown location, they bring with them the tools that they need to try and fix the car’s problem. During this time, they will also bring a courtesy car with them, just in case. When the mechanic arrives at the scene of the problem, they will investigate the issue and provide you with an estimated timescale as to how long it will take them to fix (if at all). You are then free to make the decision as to whether or not you wish to take the courtesy car.

    If you do choose the latter option, we will bring your car into the nearest branch of photocolorgraphix.com and perform the repairs. After this is complete we will notify you – either through the app, or by contacting you on the telephone. What is particularly effective about the app, is that you are able to monitor the car’s repair status at any one time of the day. So, if you want to check that your car is being repaired – and where it is up to – you can view these easily through the app.

    When your car is ready, you can then collect it at any time, bringing with you the courtesy car that you have borrowed. Realistically speaking, the only amount of time that your day has been delayed, is the time that it takes for our engineers to arrive at the scene. We do our best to get to you as soon as possible, and if we take longer than we tell you when you contact us – the courtesy car is provided free of charge. This promise is also valid if it takes us longer to repair your car then we initially tell you. As already mentioned, our service is focused around keeping you happy, and delaying your day as little as possible.




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