• About Us

    photocolorgraphix.com are a team of mechanics who have had particularly bad experiences with car mechanics all over the country. Either by working within them, or by using them for our own repairs, we identified a need for a new company to be incorporated, which focuses its attentions primarily on the customer. Customer service is at the heart of what we do, and all of our mechanics have been fully trained in communicating respectfully and compassionately with all customers who are often in a distressed or panicked state when they contact us.

    Having been incorporated for five years, photocolorgraphix.com are a growing, thriving company who enjoy resolving the problems of British motorists. We have already worked with many customers in various regions of the UK, and our commitment to you cannot be questioned. We love receiving feedback – whether positive or negative, and are constantly looking at ways that we can either improve or develop our service. If you have used photocolorgraphix.com, we would welcome your feedback, so that we can hear about the experience you had. Please contact us via email or telephone, to tell us your story!

    If you are a car mechanic and are interested in working for photocolorgraphix.com, please contact us. We are always willing to discuss positions either in existing or new branches of photocolorgraphix.com. We are regularly setting up new branches across the UK, so contact us to learn more about how you could become an photocolorgraphix.com franchisee.




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